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German Shepherd colors

Posted on November 1, 2020 at 5:44 AM
Colors of German Shepherds.... Variety!
The German Standard typically is Black and Red with very large heavy boned structure and sound temperament. Stocky/ Strong/Impressive character and most dependable!
Solid Black: Shiny coated, leaner profiles, loyal, intelligent, sound temperament, the eyes have it with a stare that is impressive! Agile.
Sables: Stocky, large but refined. High energy, but oh so trainable! 
Bi-Colors (all black with red or tan stockings).  Very high energy, independent, on alert, very high endurance with stunning agiliity!
Black and tan: Old faithful! Females have a sable strap down the back.  Fiercely loyal/protective/attentive/by your side attitude.

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